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Testimonial: Chris, Local Firefighter & Gretchen D., Denver-Based Nurse

“Now, if you are skimming reviews, I will provide you with the short and sweet version chock full of flattering adjectives.

Rick from Red Chair Realty is:
– A true professional
– Beyond knowledgeable
– Patient
– Accommodating
– Somehow innovative and realistic
– A brilliant negotiator that you are thankful to be on the same side of the table with

If you choose Red Chair Realty you will be:
– Elated
– Continuously pleasantly surprised
– Skipping down Easy street
– Full of vitality with a youthful glow and a starry eyed outlook of the world

If you need validation of this testimony (and you really should) please read on for the long winded version.

My wife and I have lived in the Berkeley Neighborhood for 7 years now, and we had always seen the Red Chair Realty signs in front of houses for sale all over the neighborhood. At the time, we knew that we wanted to acquire another property, but had no idea what we actually wanted. From the start, working with Rick has been more like hanging out with a good friend than a stuffy business transaction.

Let me reiterate the fact that we had no idea what we wanted. Rick not only endured all of my crazy ideas, but he seamlessly would change directions as fast as I could generate them. We looked at and actively weighed every conceivable option. We considered lake houses, duplexes, converting a warehouse into a loft, living in a sprinter van, and even building an ADU on our current property and living in that. Rick was a true embodiment of patience as my wife and I finally came to the conclusion that we would need to have our new home designed and built from the ground up.

Within three days of this realization, we located a property in our neighborhood, and were under contract ( under asking price) for a land acquisition. Now, this could be a stressful time for most people. We had no architect, no builder and no clue what we were doing. What we did have was a Real Estate Wizard. Rick provided contacts and set up meetings with builders all while negotiating the remaining details (including an additional price reduction) of our land purchase.

By the time we closed on the property, we had a design build firm finalizing custom design plans, several zoning amendments and an Xcel electrical re-locate scheduled. A mere 47 signatures and initials later, and the deal was done. Even though Rick is now “off the clock”, he has continued to check in and offer advice and guidance through the next phase of our journey.

I do fully understand that my review can seem a touch outlandish and at times mildly exaggerated. I do however (with true sincerity) feel that Rick is the best in the business. You would be hard pressed to find a realtor more in tune with the market and your needs than him. With that being said, if you are not calling him right now I have no idea what unicorn of a real estate agent you are holding out for.”

-Chris D.

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